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Chiriqui Province in Panama is emerging as one of the hottest travel destinations in Central America. Chiriqui boasts of an amazing variety of scenery from beaches, to rivers for white water rafting and kayaking, to high altitude mountains perfect for trekking and climbing, to lush tropical forests where you'll find exotic flora and fauna. And there's a lot more to Chiriqui than that.

Chiriqui is located in the western part of Panama between Costa Rica and the Pacific Ocean. This particularly unique terrain gives Chiriqui an ideal climate for agriculture. The highland area, including Boquete, is gifted with fertile soil. All these contribute to an abundant harvest of coffee, oranges, strawberries and vegetables every year. Cattle farms are also very common in Chiriqui.

Doing Business in Chiriqui

Panama is a business-friendly country and setting up your own business in Chiriqui has its advantages. Panama has a reliable banking system that values your right to privacy. The flow of money in and out of the country is unrestricted. Also, forming anonymous companies is almost hassle-free.

The infrastructure in Chiriqui is one of the best in Panama and definitely way ahead over other countries in Central America. Roads, airports and shipping centers are kept in good operating condition. The government is pouring in millions of dollars for development.

Real estate in Chiriqui is still affordable. This means you'll have more available capital if you choose in set up a business in Chiriqui.

Acquiring real estate in Chiriqui would be a wise investment as the tourism industry is in the upswing. Retirees too are continuously discovering Chiriqui as an ideal place to settle. The demand for Chiriqui real state is beginning to increase and the coming years will see a rapid growth in the value of property in Chiriqui.

Experience Chiriqui

In Chiriqui, there's always something to do. Soak in the sun in the white sand beaches. Go white water rafting or kayaking in Chiriqui's clean rivers. Or if you love challenges, try climbing Volcan Baru, Panama's tallest mountain (11,398 ft high) where it's possible to see the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea both at the same time.

You can also tour coffee plantations, visit the numerous resorts and spas, go bird-watching and see rare endemic species, or if you're adventurous, try tree trekking -- free fall through the dense Chiriqui jungle canopy while strapped to a harness.

There are many hotels, inns and lodges and finding a place to stay is easy.

Try different Latin dishes like pollo, ceviche, potacones and camarones, or just order a cheeseburger and fries. There'll surely be a restaurant in Chiriqui to serve the food you like.

Most residents speak English and yes Chiriqui is an excellent place to take the opportunity to learn Spanish.

We gladly invite you to experience Chiriqui.

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